Inspired Cable Knits ISBN-13: 978-1400082711 (Potter Craft)
Contains 20 patterns for contemporary cable sweaters & accessories. To address the contemplative nature of knitting, each pattern contains a “mindfulness pointer” - something to ponder during the knitting process. Each chapter contains written and visual material reflecting Fiona's own design philosophy. Readers will learn how a design is developed while they produce wonderful projects.

Inspired Fair Isle Knits ISBN-13: 978-0307346865 (Potter Craft)
Borrowing from tradition Fiona delivers a superb collection of gorgeous, wearable garments divided into chapters entitled Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. With unconventional placement of patterning and combined with other techniques such as cables, lace, felting and even pleats, the results are pieces that appear intricate, but require only intermediate skills. With clear instructions along with "elemental" stories and legends to keep you and your knitting inspired.

Knitspiration Journal
ISBN-13: 978-0307345653 (Potter Style)
Sprinkled with mindfulness pointers, with lined paper for journaling and graph paper for sketching patterns, this journal offers an inspiring space to reflect on the world around you as you knit.
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