unleash the power of inspiration...

                                         unleash the power of inspiration...

On a totally different note I have been finishing up projects that will launch during the Fall season - which is only just around the corner you know. I'm especially excited to share the new design that I have done for the up-coming issue of Twist Collective. I can't tell you about the pattern but I did want to alert you to the big news that Twist just shared (in case you missed it).

You can read all about it here.

Thanks for reading...I hope that you enjoy the photos! 

This month they were taken during my walks around the San Fransisco Bay. Click back (you can find older posts under Archive) and see how the colours, feel and sense of place differs from those I took in Jasper last month. Travel is amazing isn't it?

Please check back next month to find out what my latest fascination is.

See you next month      
Fiona xxxx

On-line, On-nine
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On-line, On-nine  Aug 9th 2017

I know this much is true

Do you have things about yourself that you seem to be constantly in denial about?....and no I don't mean how many cookies you ate this week.  We all have things that we believe about ourselves even when faced with evidence that proves otherwise.  I'm coming to the conclusion that in most cases these "facts" either used to be true, are only partially true or is something that somebody else believes is true about us.

For example I hated gym class when I was at school, mostly because I'm not gifted at sport. My lack of ability in this arena has become one of my truths...I believe myself to be not sporty or athletic. I even told myself this fact the summer that I trained and walked a half marathon. I still tell myself this even though my gym membership use doesn't say that at all. I tell myself this even though just over a week ago I got to within a "few" thousand steps of my PB. And in spite being pooped decided to pull out several more thousand steps to, not only meet my previous PB, but surpass it to the extent that I might have to take up running to ever beat that total in just one day. 

Another "fact" about me is that I hate floral patterns. Of course I don't hate them at all, I'm just selective about the ones that I do like. This all stems (ha) from the fact that my mother LOVES florals; her home is covered in them and her clothes are strewn with blossoms. I grew up surrounded by delicate floral sprigged patterns on pretty much everything. So in an effort to exert my own aesthetic I decided to prune them out of my world as much as possible. I have a memory of my mothers lament while looking at an ad for a super flowery Laura Ashley dress and then casting her glance over at my ripped jeans and black nail polish.  I must have been a big disappointment to her in that moment, but I felt like my teenage self was winning as some kind of game (but not an athletic one you understand).

My adult self still seems to need to keep flowers at bay as much as possible but I frequently catch myself stopping to admire and photograph flowers. I tell myself that I choose only the big blousey ones, the ones with "attitude". You have probably seen many a flower in these monthly posts. If I go back before my teenage self was trying to show the world how different she was, I have vivid memories of exploring my grandmother's garden admiring all manner of blooms. I even had an imagination game that I played, designing dresses for the fairies that I was sure lived there. My most favourite one being a spectacular ball gown they would wear made of the pink & purple blooms from her fuchsia plant. As much as I try to side step florals, again and again I find myself drawn to gardens it seems. 

The last couple of weeks I have been in California and as I was out for my (longer and longer) walks by the San Fransisco Bay I enjoyed the wild flowers that grow there. I loved how they differ from what I am used to. I caught myself watching for plants to bloom - things seem to happen quickly there. And I told myself that I was photographing these flowers and plants to show my friends. ​Who am I trying to kid?

            Paula                                      Sugar Beach                             Athabasca

 A selection of my Twist Collective patterns worked in Webs yarns. More details here.