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Designer in Residence pattern Jan 2015

​For in depth pieces on each of the designs be sure to check out the Webs blog throughout the year and watch out for Podcast interviews.

I hope that you enjoy the photos -

this month converging lines which are inspiring me to work on what I am calling "Colliding Stripes".

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Artist or designer in residence programs are set up to foster close ties between an artist, their work and a particular establishment or organization. They are devised to allow time & space for the artist to explore their work, maybe even from a new perspective. It helps builds a closer relationship between the artist and the establishment and also allows everyone to see the behind the scenes workings and progress that ultimately leads to the end product.

The team at Web’s and I are hoping that our collaboration will foster not only wonderful patterns to showcase their gorgeous yarns, but also give knitters some context to those patterns along with some fun peaks behind the scenes. 

I have worked with their yarns in the past for designs published in Twist Collective: Sugarbeach, Athabasca & Paula. So for me this is about being able to get to know their yarns better, along with being able to explore my own ideas. These ideas are likely to include; Working in a series, cross pollination of ideas from other artist endeavors and of course cable patterning. The pattern that I came up with for the January launch incorporates ideas that are part of my designer philosophy or involve an aspect of my work that I have been recently developing. 

Gathering Intentions - Designer in residence
We imagine that changes only occur after participating in an activity for a period of time. But before we can precipitate this change, it is necessary to first spend some time thinking, planning or simply gathering momentum. We describe this as setting an intention. I am thinking in particular of those moments when we decide, “This is it!”, I’m going to save for something, I am going to attend a class regularly, I am going to lose than ten pounds, I will stop biting my nails or I will write that book I have always dreamed of. In that one instant you cause a shift in your thinking, which brings about action & change. Of course these intentions are gathered into action in January more than at any other time throughout the year.

Each year rather than setting specific resolutions I choose a word to become my mantra for the year. For 2015 my word is collaboration. I am aiming to build on actions that I have already set in motion. To forge closer partnerships with some wonderful people that I have already had the pleasure of working with. 

I love working in collaboration with other creative thinkers. I have found that each person brings something unique and special to the work and the result is usually far greater than the sum of the parts. In the past couple of years I am super proud of the work I have done with Soak, Indigodragonfly & The Plucky Knitter. (click on the links to see the collaborations)

When something has already proved to be good, it makes sense to re-affirm it by continuing on the same vein. So my intension for this year is to continue with the idea of collaboration and see what else it can show me

I have long admired the Web’s yarn company not only because of their wonderful products, but also because they have worked hard to build a really successful business, one with outstanding longevity. Plus they are really cool people. So when I had the opportunity to submit some of my design ideas to them last year I was very excited at the prospect. It turns out they loved what I sent and wanted to find a way to use many of them. Kathy (owner & VP of marketing at Webs) told me that they were hatching plans to celebrate their 40th anniversary and wondered if I might like to be part of it. She explained her idea for how we might work together and she didn’t need to ask me twice...I totally jumped at the opportunity. The result is that I am one of the Designers in Residence throughout their anniversary year.

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