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Back to School Creativity

I know that it's not just me.... hung over from spending our formative years heading back into the structure and discipline of a new school year after the carefree days of summer, many of us see September as a new beginning. 

Each September I always want to start something new or set up a new routine. This year, rather than adding to my list I have been reminding myself of the pursuits that I already know bring out my creative side (see the photos). And I have resolved to re-ignite them.

I went back to my dance class last Tuesday for the first time in several months, and I've been taking more photos. Over the past few months I have already re-instated my yoga practise. I know that all of these interests help me to be creative (which is a must for my work), and each work in a slightly different way. If you are a regular reader you will have probably heard me describing the virtues of some of them.

The reason September is like a new year (or beginning) is that we are used to setting up new routines at this time of year. 

Each time I have moved to a new place (I've moved countries twice), along with the excitement of the newness comes the unsettling feeling of having no structure. So I taught myself to just add something -usually a regular walk. Eventually that feeling goes away and is replaced with a feeling of an anchor of sorts. Routines or practises help us keep on going even when things get tough or when we lose some of our resolve.

Case in point...yesterday I really didn't feel like going to yoga class. But because I have already set myself up a routine, before I knew it I was in my yoga gear and wandering over to the gym. And of course once I was there I loved it and felt so much better afterwards. This is how having a practice works.

Over the summer I watched the daily posts from my friend Lindsay, who has this great vegan blog, works in music for her living and I met at dance class (she also knits up a storm). During August Lindsay set herself the challenge of painting in watercolour every day for the whole month. She maintained it for the whole month - well at least it looked like it to me. By the way how's it going now L?

This is also how practice works, you stick to a challenge that you set for yourself and before you know it it's a regular part of your life. 

By the way how's it going now L? 

So here for you dear readers is a challenge that you might like to set for yourself....

New start ideas - Creativity jar:  I was once lucky enough to have an amazingly creative woman in one of my classes and she shared a tip for getting those creative juices going. Make yourself a list of all the things that you would like to try...they don't have to be big things like learning to fly a plane or something, but small things that you can do in an hour or so. Such as experiment with a new technique in painting (or learn a new cast on in knitting). Write them all on small pieces of paper then throw them into a vessel of some sort (box, jar, bag etc). Each week pick one piece of paper and then make an effort to work on that item. You will be amazed how much you can progress in your chosen pursuit. Knitters totally get this kind of thinking; show up, work on something for a little while, and hey presto here's a sweater that I made. That's how it works!

Full disclosure whenever I have done this exercise I have sometimes not "fancied" the item I picked so I've put it back and picked another...I think that's OK too.


You know what else new beginnings are good for?...launching new patterns. 

Here's one that I'm launching 10th Sept (or today maybe). 

Adelaide & Spadina‚Äč

Pattern available here

More info here (coming soon)

Yarn is Indigodragonfly Dk Matter

When Kim from Indigodragonfly (who has a way with words) saw the photos of my design she said that it's the "lego of sweaters....SO much fun".

Here are some fun out-takes of my wonderful model Beebs (who also has a terrific eye for taking a great shot) having fun with the candy that I brought as a bribe I mean as props.

On-line, On-nine
Monthly post on the 9th of each month! 
On-line, On-nine  Sept 9th 2016

                                   The street art reads: "Life Worth Living"

  No the photos aren't taken at Adelaide & Spadina...the name is just my artistic licence

Thanks for reading...I hope that you enjoy the photos! 

This month ones of my creative pursuits (other than knitting)

Quilting/Sewing, Reading, Dancing

Films, Photography, Gardening

Painting/Drawing, Yoga (taking time to be quiet), Cooking

Please check back next month to find out what my latest fascination is.

See you next month      
Fiona xxxx