First Impressions

Hello from Zurich Switzerland!

I just landed here this morning and so please forgive me missing writing a full post. I promise to update tomorrow with my written piece. But here are my first photos / impressions.  I just know I'm going to have an inspiring time filled with chocolate and cheese.

Thanks for stopping by...I hope that you enjoy the photos! 

This month they were taken during my first few hours in Switzerland:

I'm loving riding the trams. The ad (for insurance) featuring the car cosy greeted me at the airport. Cobbled streets in the old town.

The main train station featuring a music & lights art installation. Tile inspirations - you all see the great cable patterns right?. Water fountains are all over, this one was outside the Co-op.

Chocolate shop...ned I say more? Cheese at the breakfast buffet. A selection of Toblerone at the local neighbourhood Co-op.

Please check back in tomorrow ...

See you next month      
Fiona xxxx

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On-line, On-nine  Sept 9th 2017

                                         unleash the power of inspiration...

                                         unleash the power of inspiration...