unleash the power of inspiration...

                                         unleash the power of inspiration...

Mrs Crosby loves to play...and travel so using Steamer Trunk in Spicy Habenero was the perfect partner for this design.

You buy the yarn from The Needle Emporium or Webs.

I do hope that you will save room on your dance card for this cardigan....


Asymmetric Cardigan

I love to dance so how could I not be inspired by the tango dancers I saw in the milongas (dance halls) in Buenos Aires during my trip there in 2014?

I attempted to capture the femininity of the ladies, the unexpected transitions from slow drag to rapid flicking movements, the closeness of the bodies as they sashayed and the intertwining of legs.

Of course such a design needed to be knit in a bright saturated colour like those that I saw the dancers wear and also incorporate a flash of skin just like the dance costumes.