unleash the power of inspiration...

                                         unleash the power of inspiration...

We think of a change coming  after participating in an activity for a period of time. But before we can precipitate a change, it is necessary to first spend some time thinking, planning, or simply gathering momentum. We describe this as establishing an intention. I am thinking in particular of those moments when we decide, “This is it!”, I am going to save for something, I am going to attend class regularly, I will lose that ten pounds. I will stop biting my nails, or I will write that book I have always dreamed of. In that one instant you cause a shift in your thinking, which brings about action.

I sometimes use I-cords when experimenting with cable twists and interlacing patterns. I have come to see I-cords as cables that haven’t formed themselves into patterns yet. They are a little like the scattered thoughts that we have before we draw them together and set our intensions to make a change in our lives.

​ So in this garment I have used I-cords attached to the lower sections that appear to then form themselves into cables. They represent the thought process that occurs before a change is precipitated and goes on to become set into a regular pattern.

It's perfect that for my first runway
presentation I can tell you about a
new version of one of my most popular
designs....now in a brand new yarn.

When I first met Mrs Crosby we were sitting by a lake in the sunshine and as she told me about what she liked to knit and the kind of yarns that she was drawn to I simply just knew that we would become firm friends!  

​As soon as a sample of Steamer Trunk landed on my desk I knew that it would be perfect for the re-work of a design from my Inspired Cable Knits collection that I had wanted to re-visit for some time.

Gathering Intentions was one of the most popular patterns from my Inspired Cable Knits book - now kind of tricky to find a copy. It had originally been worked in Mission Falls 18/24 wool, a yarn that is no longer available, so a re-work of the pattern seemed like a good plan. The gauge for Steamer Trunk is similar to, but slightly different from, that of Mission Falls wool so I have re-written the pattern to now work perfectly in Mrs C’s yarn.  

​Steamer Trunk makes the cables nice and squishy (yes that is the technical term I use) giving them the wonderful 3D texture that we look for (and love) in this kind of stitch patterning.

​Believe me when I tell you that even though there are lots of cables in this sweater it’s a great pattern for knitters who are new to the technique. It contains only three easy to learn cable crosses. I call this the “building block” method of creating interesting to the eye but simple to knit patterning.

So as Mrs Crosby herself would say…let the adventure begin dear hearts!

By the way the colorway that I made my sample in is called: Smoky Granite.