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                                         unleash the power of inspiration...

So with the launch of my new website I have set myself the intention to update these photos and written musings on the 9th of each month - my birthday is on March 9th in case you were wondering why I chose the 9th. So please check back to see what my current fascination is each month. Thank-you for reading and I hope that you enjoy the pics.
As I was figuring out what I wanted to include on my web site redesign it occurred to me that maybe I should share some of what I call my inspiration shots with you (rather than the ones of what I ate for dinner). These are photos of things that I see that I find inspiring; some become the foundation of a design and some serve simply to make me smile. 
Back on Sept 1st 2007 I set myself a new intention of taking a photo of what I was doing every day. Since then it has become a very popular practice with many people (& I certainly wasn’t the first to do it), especially as we can now snap pics so easily. I expected that like many personal photo journals it would include many mundane everyday items (not every day is filled with spectacle) but I have learned that it’s these photos in particular that have formed the basis for creating my unique perspective of the world. I like to think of it as my version of the Belle Epoch painters capturing people in cafes and going about their daily business. Using my everyday surroundings as a source for my design work forces me to really pay attention and look around me - every day.
For me working a gauge swatch is like packing for a trip or booking tickets for a concert or play. It’s a bit of a chore & nowhere near as much fun as the trip or event but without it…that will lead to frustration and maybe even disappointment - sound familiar? I find packing to be a real pain and therefore always leave it to the last minute but once I get into it I love the anticipation that it brings. For me it’s like setting intentions.
​I love new beginnings and I know that most knitters do too. So much so that some will skip making a gauge swatch because they are so keen to cast on. I’m guilty of that feeling too sometimes but because I’m forced to make gauge swatches as part of the design process I have come to love that swatch as the anticipation part of the process - please don’t hate me…let me explain. 
 See you next month!       

Fiona xxxx

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