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Giving thanks for random acts of kindness

It's Thanksgiving here in Canada which has many of us focusing on what we are grateful for. Adding this reflective holiday to my current mood means that this month's post is very personal and more philosophical than usual (rather than being purely about creativity) - I hope that's OK with you all dear readers. 

Have you ever wondered about the kind of impact you have on people as you go about your daily life?

We seem to be in the midst of a period where we are surrounded by people spewing hateful comments and setting out to be deliberately devisive. They are the ones who are getting the most press coverage and they certainly seem to have the loudest voices. But my recent experiences have shown me that the world is still made up of kind and gentle people willing to put themselves out to help someone. You have to pay close attention because their voices are quiet and often go un-noticed.

Picture an ordinary Thursday. You are at work as usual, going about your regular tasks. A man calls and asks if the cafe were you work is easily accessible to somebody with limited mobility...yes of course you reply. A little later in the morning three men come in, one is much older and is obviously very ill and quite frail, the younger ones turn out to be his sons.

You make sure that they are comfortable seated providing cushions for the older man. You are your usual pleasant and cheery self. When you take their order the older man asks for a piece of cake and you suggest a slice of your Malteser cake, your favourite recipe, the one that *your* son loves. He eagerly agrees. The men sit & eat and only spend an hour in the cafe. But unknown to you (and to them at the time), this is the last time these three men will be together, the cake will be one of the last meals that the older man enjoys and for one of the sons it is the last time he will see his father.

Last week on our trip over to the UK for my Father-in-Law's funeral we took my parents out for the day and stopped by that same cafe to thank the lady in person for her kindness. When my husband told her the story and explained that her cake was now part of his last memory of his father and that he had even referenced it in the Eulogy he gave at the funeral her eyes glazed over with tears.

Just an ordinary day at work, simple kindness to a stranger and a favourite recipe made with love, has now become a perfect moment in time to a family she had never met before. 

How we behave towards others creates ripples. Sometimes these ripples are small and sometimes they become giant waves.

These ripples or waves can be negative and hateful or positive and kind. I try to always remember that the ones we choose to  make ultimately create the world that we live in. 

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

                                         unleash the power of inspiration...

Thanks for reading...I hope that you enjoy the photos! 

This month I trawled through my collection of pumpkins...I take a ton of photos every year it seems. I just love their shapes and colours, warts and all.

Please check back next month to find out what my latest fascination is.

See you next month      
Fiona xxxx

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