unleash the power of inspiration...

                                         unleash the power of inspiration...

How about these? Would this be a good combination to wear in a serious professional environment? If not why not?

I bet if you spend a few minutes you will end up being quite poetic and generate a whole host of wonderful emotive words. It's fun just to try it out, but the next time you are choosing colours for something in your life use the same exercise in reverse. If you want your room to look cosy, welcoming, somewhere that you might like to curl up with a good book - what colours do you think would achieve that effect?  

Maybe you want the new decor in your bathroom to remind you of a special trip...think of the colours you saw in the landscape there.

Or when you come to plant a hanging basket next summer, would you like it to look cheery and fun or sophisticated and calm? - choose colours that make you feel that way.

Do these make you think of opulence, drama, jewels, or sombre, maybe different types of flowers or dress a favourite aunt wore? 

How about these colours, what words would you use to describe them? What kind of landscape do you think they look like?

I hope that you enjoy the photos- this month I have created my own colour wheel from my archives. 

Please check back next month to find out what my latest fascination is.

See you next month!       
Fiona xxxx


For the past while I have been busy researching different colours for a series of articles that I have written for Twist Collective. I've already looked at the history of the pigments and their production of Mauve,Red & Green and soon to be published is, Blue. One aspect that I have included in each of the pieces is a look at the emotional response that we have to each of the colours. 

I'm often asked how I find the inspirations behind my work or how I keep track of it (Hear some of my answers on Ready Set Knit podcast). Creativity is like anything else - it requires practice. So over the years I have developed several different ways to jump start my own creative process. The techniques I use are all designed to make you pay attention, to home in on details, to have you look more closely at the world that surrounds us.  Then, using what you observe, imagine how to apply it to whatever it is that we are hoping to create. The tools work just as well for designing a sweater, to choosing the decor for our home, setting a table for a special meal or planting a garden and a whole host of creative pursuits. 

The act of being creative is what makes us feel alive and brings us joy and I believe that we never get over the moment of elation that we felt when our parents pinned our artwork on the fridge door. Creating something is not just for those of us who describe ourselves as artists but for everyone.

So this month I would like to share an exercise that I use to jump start colour creativity...both for myself and others. I hinted at this back in August but this month I'd like to ask you to write down your ideas...that way it becomes more of a permanent record of your ideas.

This past week-end I was lucky enough to hang out with a group of wonderful knitters atSWAK retreat in Guthrie OK. Along with sharing what I know about cables and some other techniques I also attempted to draw out each of the attendees unique creativity. I had them try the exercise and they had fun with it...it was remarkable how creative they became as they warmed up...

Take a look at these colour combinations and consider what words you would use to describe them. Try to go beyond the obvious, dark, bright, pale etc. How many emotive words can you come up with?

This combo makes me think of a misty morning just as the sun is coming up. What does it make you think of?

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