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Thanks for stopping by...this month's photos are delicious close ups of the details of some of the kimonos - I hope that you enjoy them

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On-line, On-nine May 9th 2018

Colour my world

My world is full of colour right now!

Most of my work deals with textures, specifically cable patterns, but I just love working with colour too. Over time I tend to go back and forth between these two types of patterning and I can always feel when a new phase is "coming on".

Right now I feel the pull of colour-work. Maybe because Spring has finally arrived and I'm finding such delight in seeing all the flowers coming into bloom. It could also be because I am going to be teaching a colour workshop to a group of fibre artists at the end of this month, which means that I'm pulling together notes and images for that.  It could also be that I have recently been lucky enough to see the most amazing exhibition of kimonos at the Textile Museum of Canada.

The exhibition, called "Artistry in Silk", presents 41 kimonos by Itchiku Kubota, who used methods based on 16th century techniques of resist dying and ink drawing surface decoration to create the most beautifully spectacular pieces.

I spend the most wonderful afternoon as a guest of my friend Elizabeth who is a volunteer for the museum. The gallery was pretty empty so we were able to wander easily and look at these pieces really closely. I had to consciously stand with my hands behind my back to be able to resist the temptation to touch them. As I entered one of the rooms I noticed Elizabeth watching me...it turns out she wanted to see my face when I saw the display. I stood totally transfixed for several moments and I'm sure my mouth had fallen open. Check out the photo in the centre of the nine patch to see why I had this reaction.

I'm inspired by artist's work of many different kinds and these trips to see exhibitions always get my creative juices going (as you've heard in many earlier posts). So what was my take-away from this one?

Firstly, that when an artist follows their own unique vision and keeps putting in the effort to pursue that idea, the body of work produced ends up being spectacular.

Secondly Kubota's colour palette. Part way through the galleries I noticed that, although some of the work was very bright, the overall palette combined really beautiful complex nuances of colours. Common to most artists there was a "signature" feel to the palette. I was particularly drawn to the use of different shades of yellow. It ranged from an almost acid yellow, through chartreuse, into ochre and barely there tints. It even showed as an undertone to some of the icy cooler colours. I felt that the use of yellow was just one of the ways that made the pieces really sing. 

I've long believed that adding something unexpected is a common technique used across many different mediums and by many artists. It can range between screaming for attention, or in this case, a very subtle whisper.

When I'm showing knitters how to make their colour-work palettes really eye catching I demonstrate what happens when you add a "pop" colour to a combination. A pop colour is, in the words of Monty Python (sorry I just can't help myself), "and now for something completely different" - something unexpected, a surprise, usually from a different part of the colour wheel. 

I have a lucky 7 (if you count the neutrals as 1) pop colours. They are, depending on the palette: Orange, Purple, Lime Green, Red, Black / White, Shocking Pink and you guessed it, Yellow.

What do you think are your signature combinations? 

For more reading on yellow and using it as a pop colour please read my Sun Shades article in Twist Collective.‚Äč

The other reason that I think I'm looking at colour a lot right now is that I'm working on a project for Lorna's Laces that is due to be launched in June. The biggest thrill of this for me is that the colourway has been dyed especially for me based on a colour mood board that I put together. You will have to check back later to see what colour it is and what type of patterning the design has. Yes I know that I'm a tease but I 'm super excited about it & I just can't wait to tell you all.

In the spirit of encouraging playing with colour, this month I'm offering a discount on my slip stitch and stripe pattern. The discount code when you are at the Ravelry checkout is "Colour Combo" (with a U).