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Thanks for stopping by...I hope that you enjoy the photos! 

This month they were taken during or just after snow storms...seems I love to record these days as much as sunny ones!

Please check back in next month...when I'll be here telling you what my latest fascination is.

See you next month      
Fiona xxxx

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On-line, On-nine Feb 9th 2018

Snow day

Something that occurs to me every winter...when I catch myself lamenting the inclemency of the weather....is that I am in fact perfectly suited to living in the Great White North.

Today, as another winter storm hits,  when we might opt to spend most of the day indoors, I notice that the activities best suited to days like this are also my most favourite pass-times. Watching movies, reading and of course knitting and, let's not forget, drinking hot chocolate too. Knitters just love a snow day, when we can justifiably while away the time by working on a project without feeling like we should be doing something else instead. Snow days are in fact a knitter's Nirvana.

Something else that I have noticed we tend to do on a snow day is spend a lot of time looking out of the window, watching the accumulation. It's like mother nature is showing us her perfect hour glass timer. X number of inches of snow equals Y hours of time. On a good snow day, if the stars are aligned and no ripping back is required, knitters also measure their work in just the same way, X number of inches equals Y hours of time. Just as the news channels will excitedly report the number of inches of snow that fell, knitters proudly declare how far they have moved forward on their project. There really should be a hashtag for that eh?

During the winter months I would expect that all knitters keep a close eye of the weather forecast to ensure that not only do we have adequate food supplies in our cupboards, but that our yarn supplies are all ready for when that blissful snow day arrives. It's the stuff of nightmares to have an extended period of time available without the correct project queued up.

The recent trend of looking to the Scandinavian approach to life is nothing new to most knitters that I know. The idea of hungering down, cozying up, then taking one easy step (stitch) at a time is how we also live.  Knitters are indeed wise!

The only aspect of living in a northern climate that is at odds with this knitting paradise is ICE....one slip, one sprained or worse broken wrist and knitters are doomed as I well found out last year. Although my mis-haps occurred on a totally ice/snow free day, what a bitter irony that was for me.

So enjoy this slow introspective time of year, try not to wish it away for it provides us with ample opportunity for doing the things that we love to do. 

What's on my needles this snowy day? Swatch ideas for the summer season....but I'm hoping that the weather "holds"  so that I might finish a scarf  & a cowl that are very close to being done.  Hoping for several more inches/hours of snow.